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 Meaningful Use for Radiologists
Our Radiology groups that bill more than 10% of their services as out patient charges are getting indication from CMS sources that they will be an "eligible provider" and have to implement an ambulatory EMR to be eligible for incentives and to avoid the coming penalties. How are radiology groups planning to deal with this requirement for an EMR that is not going to be "meanigfully used" by their specialty?

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ASKED: October 12, 2011  3:29 PM
UPDATED: February 19, 2018  11:37 am

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In almost all hospitals there is a radiology department. For many treatments, it is used too. But we are unaware about its actual use. Hope this post will be useful to all to get some idea about it. Keep updating more details. fiber optic internet  Radiology is mostly used in hospitals for treatment of patients. Most of the hospitals use this treatment in order to cure some diseases. What is the advantage of doing this treatment? Can you provide the steps that you should consider for this treatment? photo editing companies Here's where you'll find your answer:  With an estimated $1.5 billion in potential stimulus bonus payments for radiologist professionals at stake, and penalties looming farther down the road, radiologists would be wise to study and respond to recent federal regulations related to meaningful use of complete certified ambulatory electronic health records and their equivalents. Many radiologists mistakenly believe that they were “left out” of the meaningful use rewards or that compliance is technically impractical. With diligent preparation, including the adoption of new technology and workflows, the vast majority of radiologists can qualify before October 2012 to capture the full available rewards and avoid later penalties. On the  other hand, I try to get rushanessay reliable and hope this answer is helpful for us.
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