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 It’s time for health centers to create their own internet and communicate together
When will the health centers create an INTERNET much like the major Universities and miitary labs did in the late 60's and early 70's, think ARPA. Real government funding could be gone after to help create a center of EHR and coordinated health care Funding for mass distribution of mobile devices and EDI standards could help determine if mass illness is a terror attack or epidemic. Patient data in a USA database could be mined to determine area of health issues.    
ASKED: September 22, 2011  1:25 PM
UPDATED: September 25, 2011  11:13 pm

Answer Wiki:
As we move toward more ACOs and medical homes many organizations will need to have a secured private network. Some will use the cloud to communicate on (securely) and others will simply connect to their community health system. The closest initiative to address mass illness or outbreak would be part of what the NHIN can provide. The NHIN would be connected to the CDC to allow them to detect outbreaks based on location and other variables. One challenge that is facing everyone right now is the adoption rate and cost. It has to start at the state level first (establishing a state wide HIE) then connecting to a federal HIE (like the NHIN). Unfortunately not many states are making progress on this front. And for the few that have, getting funding can be tricky especially with some of the cuts being made. I am hopeful that as we continue to see many of the changes in healthcare that we will see more of what you are describing. But the closest thing to detecting an outbreak right now is Google (which gets its stas from all the searches that everyone does) then the CDC (which requires health providers to submit specific data to them on certain health conditions.
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