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 Is the iPad really the tool health care has been waiting for?
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ASKED: February 18, 2010  3:45 PM
UPDATED: January 3, 2011  8:13 pm

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Yes and No :) I believe that there is a market for handheld devices which are bigger than a smartphone (more clarity when reviewing images) but smaller than a laptop. Health IT vendors have been developing apps for the iPhone and are actively going for the iPad as well, so I do see a market for the iPad in a clinical setting. BUT - I also believe that the iPad is overly hyped at this point in time. It doesn't have a keyboard and lags the ruggedness needed to survive on the floor. The physician or nurse carries the device in one hand, uses the other to try and interact with the UI and thus doesn't have a hand to interact with or touch the patient. It doesn't interact natively with other devices in the clinical setting, so a lot will depend on the application vendors and their ability to bring iPad enabled versions of their software that negate the use of other end points. After all, a physician can always carry a smart phone and use a workstation or thin client in the patient room, but carrying a phone and an iPad and still have to use a workstation for more complex system interactions seems overkill. Check out this <a href="">blog </a>for more background.
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If the iPad isn’t the “tablet the health care industry has been waiting for”, that device is not far behind – as witness the host of imitators and successors to iPad v.1. I have great hopes for version 2 of this device, with hopefully higher resolution (for image output and written note input), ability to teleconference, possibly even a camera for consultations. Much depends on the ability of the EMR vendors to craft suitable application “front ends” for these devices. Whatever its detractors may say, Apple’s changed the playing field.

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