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 is cheaper always better in the tech world?
Now that an Indian minister is promising a $35 tablet running Android, and the existence of some inexpensive tablets right at k-Mart (149.00), can all these devices encourage adoption in the enterprise and development of more medical apps?
ASKED: August 2, 2010  3:30 AM
UPDATED: August 15, 2010  2:07 pm

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Yes.I believe so.when computer was expensive in 90s then very few people were having skills to use mouse and keyboard and using computer was not fun but when it became cheaper and many got one at home then it helped the adoption of computer in work place. With similar logic when mobile smart devices will become cheaper then more people will use it for the personal use and it becomes easier for them to adopt in work place.The use will create market for mobile aplication and people will start creating it including medical applications.
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I agree with the answer. Nowadays development of information technology is driven by the consumer electronics market. If you want to see the future of IT in the workplace, look at what’s happening in the consumer world. Though most people know little about the underlying technology, they understand what an app is. Worse for CIOs, folks bring their gadgets into the workplace and are disappointed (or even angry) when they discover that the CIO has locked the gadgets out of the company network. The challenge for the IT folks and the enterprise leaders is to figure out the right relationship to have with these gadgets and the applications that run on them.

It’s worth noting, also, that the consumer market drives more than gadgets and apps. It is also driving disruptive innovation in the way IT-based services are designed, produced and delivered. For example, services like have driven huge changes in the way server farms are constructed and operated. Consumer values are the key drivers that are advancing security, mobility, high availability, and all the other aspects of IT service quality that CIO’s worry about.

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I agree. It is fun to see these changes happening again. I am looking forward to seeing which tablet OS will have the most significance to the healthcare.

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