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 iPad or Android tablets for check-in
I have seen several surgery organizations using DVD players to educate the patients on certain procedures prior to the surgery. Has anyone seen those "old" dvd players replaced with iPads or other tablets? Can't their functionality be extended and used to check-in patients and get certain forms filled electronically?
ASKED: July 19, 2010  3:03 AM
UPDATED: July 21, 2010  2:13 am

Answer Wiki:
Yes technically ipads or android electronic pads are having small form factor and from security and sterlization point of view is more suitable to carry in OT or ICUs. It can be used for check-in patients and get certain forms filled electronically also.In singapore Primary Physicians are capturing the patients details,vital signs on tablet pc instead of paper pad and then printing the prescription.However due to legal framework of different countries it would be difficult to adopt this to take signature of patients on various consent forms.IPads and clones are having huge potential to be adopted as point of care device for physicians
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Thanks for the great insight Nitinarora. I think in the perfect world we would do away with all the paper documents, but as you stated, due to the regulatory requirements, it would be very difficult to completely adopt the digital form. What seems to be very appealing when working with iPads and some of the newer tablets is the ease of use. In the past many of the smart devices were complex to operate. But with the simplicity and obvious success of some of the newer devices with the multitouch functions, end users (patients) are becoming more comfortable with them. I would love to hear more about which are some of the vendors that you have seen out there taking advantage of these devices, especially I am curious to find out if it is a domestic company or not.

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