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 iPad for small practices?
What is your opinion of the iPad as a device to support EMR in small primary care practices?[o:p][/o:p]

ASKED: August 17, 2010  7:28 PM
UPDATED: April 6, 2011  12:17 pm

Answer Wiki:
This is a great question. I have been spending sometime reviewing different apps on the iPad and trying to identify how well some of the current "EHR" apps are on it. So, I have identified so far three ways that most used their iPads as: 1. Using it as a remote access device or "Control Device" by accessing through Citrix a full EHR on a separate server. 2. Using some of the current available EHR apps to review charts, medical imaging and other cataloged items (CPTs, ICD9 or 10 and other lists). 3. Using iPad for note taking. This can be a very efficient way to capture SOAP notes for providers. The Challenge we are facing today is to identify an App that can capture "meaningful Notes". Many apps have evolved to offer advanced abilities, and with the combination of the tablet form factor and the 10 hour battery life, we are sure to continue to see iPad dominate.
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I love the form factor of the iPad, but most doctors still prefer the traditional keyboard and mouse. That will change over time, but for 2010 and 2011, the keyboard and mouse will be more common in the doctor’s office. Eventually, they may see the benefits associated with touch computing and they will slowly migrate to mobile devices.

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I think it will also be interesting to see how all these new Android slate tablets get integrated into clinical practice. These smaller devices are more pocketable in those long white coats, so they become the preferred mobile device in the hospital setting.

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