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 Interoperability of EMRs
Where is the industry with the development of the global EMR and solutions for secure sharing of patient data, with the sharing done with the click of a mouse?

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ASKED: December 4, 2012  9:23 PM
UPDATED: February 20, 2017  11:24 am

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There are two potential directions for this to happen.  I am only going to try to answer this in terms of a national effort as when we take a global approach, there would be many more challenges that we would face. Patient drive Health record sharing push:  In this model the patients are their own motivation to ensure that their health records are being shared and accessible to enable to for better care and collaboration on their care.  This would drive far more adoption and engagement.  The goal is that one day there will be some PHR providers that would win the confidence of patients and enable them to engage in sharing their health record. Infect, here i must say everyone must visit to get some more content. Further more federally funded and regulated health exchange platform: While some may see this as more regulatory mandates, there have been many encouraging signs around the adoption rate of HIEs that have been funded and required as part of the CMS (HITech) incentive program.  This is a clear indicator that with a government push, there is a chance for an increase engagement of providers to make electronic health records available electronically.
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