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 Internet connection

If you're serious about the Internet, chances are you spend anywhere from $30 to $99 per month for a broadband Internet connection. But regardless of how much you pay, are you getting all the speed that your ISP promised you? And does your connection persist reliably without dropping out frequently or requiring modem reboots? With our quick guide, you can squeeze every last kilobit-per-second (kbps) of throughput out of your broadband modem and keep your connection running smoothly.

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ASKED: November 28, 2015  8:46 AM
UPDATED: April 12, 2018  8:35 pm

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Most ISP's comes with various sped and prices, so it is important to choose the right plan according to your needs. Most of us rarely check the features of the plan we choose and spend extra money. So choose your plans wisely and select the most appropriate plan which fits your needs. Find the best deals at the triple play internet providers
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