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 Insurance Companies accessing Health exchanges
I have wondered for some time about the insurance companies accessing Data exchanges. My Question is what stopping them from reviewing a Pts. medical history prior to underwriting the Pt and denying them because of what is discovered. I know that there is a HIPAA monitoring tool but with the volume of access the reviews could only be reactive instead of proactive.

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ASKED: February 20, 2013  9:08 PM
UPDATED: April 26, 2018  6:39 am

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Nowadays insurance companies are accessing health exchanges. But I don’t know how they are accessing it. I got interested to know more about it. If you provide these details, then it will be useful for me. Hope you will update it soon. cheapest cable There are many insurance companies that are providing health insurance to the people. Are you aware of the benefit that a person can have if they have health insurance? Most of them are not aware of it. Read the article and know about this. cell phone plan At least in our HIE, insurers don't have access. We have to set up each user account and currently only providers can see information in the HIE records. There is talk of providing access to care managers at insurers, but this wouldn't happen until the patient is already a member of that insurance company. Actually, I try to find best dissertation service but hope this answer helpful for the person who posted a question related to it.
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