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It is so very hard to go through the mountains of paperwork for Medicare and the upcoming meaningful use with all it's complex parts, and also have to worry about HIPAA and how to meet all our security needs with emr sharing across networks and so forth. What is the best way to approach this?

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ecW, Meditech, Pacs,chartmaxx, and Medport
ASKED: August 24, 2011  8:14 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  9:04 pm

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Since meaningful use requires a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, that is a logical starting point when it comes to meeting your security needs for EMR specifically and for ensuring that general security controls are in place (as per the OIG's audit of CMS/OCR). We recommend that covered entities and eligible providers contract with an outside IT security firm to conduct the risk assessment. Make sure the deliverable is more than "checkbox compliance" as the real issue at hand is protecting ePHI from data breach. As we say at Redspin, a prudent security program is not just the existence of controls, it is the effectiveness of controls. The only way to determine whether your controls are working are actual network and system level scans and tests, with a vulnerability assessment and "gap" analysis against the HIPAA Security Rule. Unlike many companies, Redspin not only provides such a comprehensive assessment, we also list findings in risk-adjusted order so that you can most effectively apply your time and resources to remediation efforts that will make the most immediate and substantial improvement in your overall security posture.
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