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 How many organizations will certify EHRs for the ONC?
Does anyone know how many organizations will be selected to as
ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies? Currently, there are two groups listed: I think we all knew that CCHIT was going to be on the list. How many additional organizations will make this list?
ASKED: September 6, 2010  4:58 AM
UPDATED: October 5, 2010  4:41 pm

Answer Wiki:
There are several organizations that have filed the application to become ONC-ATCB, however, until it is announced that they have been selected, everyone will need to pick from the above two. The requirements does not sound too dificult, and neither are the test procedures listed by the NIST.
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A third organization — an IT security lab called InfoGard, based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., has since been named the third ONC-ATCB. Also, it looks like HHS will be maintaining a list of testing and certification bodies here.

I get the impression that HHS would ultimately like to have several ONC-ATCBs. This will give vendors more choices and will make the certification process more competitive — though who those new certification bodies will be, I do not know.

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I saw that InfoGard had also been added to the list. It’s interesting to see that the ONC is allowing commercial entities to certify EHRs. Then again, if certification is simply an entirely objective measurement of functional specifications, then any type of organization can become an ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB).

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I had the priviledge to personally meet and ask this same question to Dr. David Blumenthal. He stated to me that the ONC will approve any entity that meets the ATCB criteria, as a testing and certification body. He stated there is NOT a “certain number of ATCB’s that the ONC says they must have, or that they have enough of.

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