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 How Close are we to having standarized forms accross the board for Health Care claims?
I deal with applications responsible for the scanning and capturing of medical information off of claim forms and other related paperwork sent to my company(insurance industry).  One of the biggest issues we face is the fact that the majority of information we need is still contained on unstructured forms.  Or where we are sent information from a health provider and it contains information for other patients as well as for our insured making it more cumbersome to pull information.  The amount of information that gets crammed into the tiniest of spaces is also an issue.  I'm not sure why we have structured claim forms that everyone uses across the board, but the rest of the forms that contain needed info are not standardized.  In particular EOMB's or PHEOMB's... both of these types of documents  come in hundreds of different flavors and they change without warning.
ASKED: June 3, 2011  7:12 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  9:32 pm

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I think we are slowing heading toward that direction. In just looking at how long it took to get everyone on 837 and even to get software vendors to support electronic remits (835) I think we will eventually get the rest of the data available in a standard x12 format. In some cases it is proven to be a more challenging case and requires capital up front to get systems to work together (example: MEDCOST and all the payors it represents and the different systems they are running). So, it will eventually happen, but it will just take a little while.
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This is definately a challenging issue as they EOB contain nested information in nested tables.  You may want to check out, it uses NLP to classify and extract unstructured content and can get to the data eliminating/minimizing the manual data.

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