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 HL7 need
Why we need HL7?

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ASKED: January 18, 2011  7:46 PM
UPDATED: March 14, 2011  1:18 am

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In the market place there are many applications that need to communicate with each other without actually having the software designers from both companies talk. Think of it as a translation book that you take with you when you go overseas. If you are in Paris and you would like to ask for directions you need to know how to ask in french, when you want to ask where the bathroom is you need to ask in that language because the listener only understands their language. So, the translation guide used is the vehicule that enable clear communication between the two. In the software world it is the same thing. When an EHR wants to communicate with another system such as the Lab company to receive lab results it will need to use a method to translate the request so that the lab company can understand it, the same goes for the lab results when they come back, the EHR needs to decode this Lab language. HL7 is the standards used to facilitate this type of communication. There are several versions of it, and the most recent one is actually using XML (I am happier with the XML than the other previous versions).
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