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 Greatest health IT challenge in 2011
What will be the greatest health IT challenge that we face in 2011? Security? Privacy? Mobilty? Interoperability?
ASKED: December 2, 2010  2:27 PM
UPDATED: March 24, 2017  1:26 pm

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Political uncertainty...Just kidding..I think with all the changes that we have been seeing, we continue to wonder of all the full details of the rest of the stages in meaningful use. I personally think that Interoperability is somewhat taken care of. With some of the standards available and capabilities of the top certified vendors we are almost there. Mobility needs a bit more time to mature, since there are very limited products developed for iPads and other Android devices once can only hope that we will continue to see improvement in this arena. And as far as Security and Privacy, I usually put those together in the same container and see that they will continue to be the big concern for many and one of the most challenging one. Take for example WikiLeaks. Having strong procedures, safeguards and security protocol still managed to let data leak out and still without knowing the source. With the increasing HIE initiatives this adds more privacy concerns for everyone. May have more possible solution of this problem which need to be find. But i have to say between ICD 10, HIPAA 5010, Meaningful Use, The proposed cuts i have plenty to keep my mind on in 2011! And I love it!!
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My observation is the lack of Enterprise Network architecture planning, design and implementation. EHR Vendors provide an EHR solution for your enterprise network. The enterprise network is your fault not theirs. An EHR solution can more easily and economically plug into a correctly developed enterprise network and provide the economies of scale everyone expects. Enterprise networking is still in adolescence at most all locations. So what happens during EHR implementations is that the enterprise network industry best practices are circumvented and quickly become an after thought. Hence performance, scalability and HIPAA compliance thresholds are quickly reached and costly retrofitting, delays and in the worst case cause EHRs to disappear – now let’s try this again after we fire everybody. In a recent conference call I attended, there was a 27 bed medical environment for special case trauma with specialized monitoring devices on campus and had to be integrated into the up and coming EHR system. The discussion turned into identifying vulnerability network issues about intrusion regarding the monitoring servers. At this point I awoke from my day dreaming and said, this is an extranet – silence followed. No one knew what i was talking about (you know the geek thing). Rubbing my eyes and taking another sip of cold coffee, I quickly explained how this is a policy region extranet within a enterprise network monitoring system (EMS), that did not exist for this 9 campus medical establishment scattered throughout a very large west coast city to include the integration of a medical teaching campus. Yes a multi-million dollar network with no EMS.

So to answer the question of mobility, security, privacy. All this is very very possible and economical. The standards for enterprise networks are mature, proven and do not contradict the economies of scale. A focus on “engineering” your enterprise security policy for that which would rival classified environments is a must. The fruit of such engineering actually is much more efficient than retrofitting, which I liken to buying a ticket on Apollo 13. EHR vendors use very high powered and successful sales folks and demos that make you want to light up a cigarette afterwards.

There are more deep down in the dungeon technology discussions I could provide regarding transmission of patient data over the private internet and infrastructure to support such activities to include tap-n-go sign on and fully integrated dictation that comply full with enterprise networking cert advisories and HIPAA compliance, once you got your EMS working right. jzr

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