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 going straight to the cloud
As we see more and more healthcare organizations adopting virtualizations and especially the small to mid-size market. Does it make more sense to actually go directly to a hosted model or cloud computing, or should that be something for later?
ASKED: August 15, 2010  2:09 PM
UPDATED: January 11, 2011  11:10 pm

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Whereas the cloud will provide a lower cost alternative to the acquisition and use of Electronic Health Records. It is imperative that the subscribers understand that data security though greatly advanced, still has not become 100% error free. Spoofers and identity theft routinely make the news, exposing stories or news of data loss. We as the end users are still ultimately responsible for our data's security --ignorance of the threat will be NO defence to a breach. -- The cloud removes the levels of defense, or at best allows for a reduced number of attack points, a vendor for multiple clients will be a more robust target, whereas a small shop or office may never even be on the radar for attack...
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Careful with the verbiage 🙂

Data loss = data that was once in the system and has been removed/damaged
Data theft = someone copied your data somewhere you don’t know about, and may or may not have deleted that data at the source, causing data loss as well

Where the cloud is dangerous is in vendor lock-in. If the vendor decides that data will display in yellow versus green, you have no control over that. If a decision more grave than yellow or green is made, you have to hope it’s better for you.

What Draco says about attacking a big target is 100% accurate. The other side of that is that a bigger vendor should be able to withstand attacks. Amazon’s EC2 thwarted Anonymous, recently, in a series of attacks in the wake of Wikileaks.

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