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 Evidence of mobile health increasing patient engagement?
Is there any long-term evidence to support that mHealth technology, tools, apps, etc. can truly modify behavior by increasing patient engagement and connectivity? I’d be interested to hear from providers who have seen a “lasting” uptick in patient engagement and if there is any adherence data for some of today’s most utilized mHealth applications. Thanks!

ASKED: November 30, 2011  8:11 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  7:56 pm

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We have not seen any long-term studies yet. We've seen a number of short-term medical studies evaluating medication adherence, disease management, patient education, etc. Smartphones are still relatively new and tablets like the iPad are very new. As these technologies rapidly evolve and get embraced by both patients and health care professionals, we're going to see a variety of ways that these devices will get incorporated into health care.
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One factor that may complicate this issue is the possibility that mobile health applications will further engage those patients who already monitor their own health and wellness, rather than reach out to those patients with whom physicians want to engage. The concern stems from the fact that patients with chronic conditions and/or in underserved populations may lack either the means or the expertise to participate in mHealth.

The ONC understands the complexity of boosting patient engagement through the use of mobile health and has several initiatives in the works for 2012 to spread the word about the benefits of mHealth and health IT in general.

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