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 EPIC Software Staffing Problems
During recent interviews for Hospital system analyst positions, I was told that I needed be EPIC certified. The only problem was the hospital group had to hire me and send me to the EPIC training and I had to take certification testing after the training at the EPIC training site out of state. I would prefer to take the training and testing prior to being hired, but I was told that only employees of the companies that purchased the EPIC software could send the employee to the EPIC training classes. 
Sounds like the tail waging the dog. I thought the customer needs should be considered before the sellers self interest. 
Also hospital groups are hiring certified IT staff from other hospital groups. Why can't the hospital management object to this software company's interference with IT staffing decisions? Sounds like EPIC is running the show and is treating the customer as unable to manage their own IT staffing. Are there other software companies that have similar restrictions?
Thanks for your comments.
Thomas A. Miller
Hospital Data Analyst (without EPIC certification)

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ASKED: September 3, 2011  2:13 AM
UPDATED: October 24, 2011  6:22 pm

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