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 EMR/PM SaaS solutions for smaller practices
For smaller primary care practices (five or fewer physicians), what integrated EMR/PM solutions are available as SaaS for a monthly subscription fee? (Solution must be shared by multiple tenants concurrently.)
ASKED: June 24, 2010  3:25 PM
UPDATED: July 10, 2010  11:20 pm

Answer Wiki:
eCW or eClinicalWorks provides that model for EHR/PM as a SaaS. They also list there prices on line. There are also other service providers such as Athenahealth. Keep in mind that many others do have similar module, however their pricing would not be based on concurrent users. NextGen, Greenway and AllScripts are also available as well. Big question is always: Can you get your data (ALL YOUR DATA) if you choose to change vendors.
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There are very few vendors – hardly 1% of the whole EMR vendors are ready with SaaS model. On a personal note, I would wait till the end of the year to get more players offering on SaaS for requirements similar to yours. The existing players are big players, so I’m afraid they may not be cost effective for 4-5 physicians.

Here is the list (Not in any order, though) –

1. Medics Elite by Advanced Data at
2. EClinicalWorks at
3. Nextgen
4. IntegrityEMR by Integrity digital solutions at
5. GE Centricity
7. Practicefusion

I have seen few new entrants with fantastic features with SaaS and developed from scratch (with no patch work) and pricing models, but they are not handy. I will come back later and update the list.

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Based on the information provided on the eCW website, I conclude that eCW offers an ASP solution, not a SaaS solution. Athenahealth, Allscripts, Caretracker all offer SaaS solutions. The difference between the two models is very important. With ASP, the server piece is moved to a remote site and the service provider runs it just the same as if you were running it yourself. This is a single-tenant solution. With SaaS, the server piece is engineered from the ground up to be shared by multiple concurrent users (like, say, Google Apps). When the software is upgraded, it is upgraded for everyone at the same time. Interfaces are implemented once by the SaaS provider and available to all. This is a multi-tenant solution. It is especially suitable for small primary care practices which typically cannot afford dedicated IT support.
The question of getting back your data if you decide to concel the service is an important consideration. However, this is a customary element of a well-drafted service agreement. The bigger issue with any EHR is that once you have fully deployed an EHR, the cost of changing to another EHR is extremely high – not because of the data conversion, but because of the cost and aggravation of retraining the practice and re-engineering the workflows.

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GE Healthcare has a new SaaS solution (Centricity Advance) that is an integrated PM/EMR/Patient Portal for a low monthly price.

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GE has definitely taken the step in the right direction. Especially when bundling patient access to the system. Not only this will help certify them, but also enable the practices to become meaningful users. GE’s current client server system does require a large investment even from the small practices, this small fortune can definitely be avoided if the small practice selects this SaaS model.

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