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 EMR vendor selection assistance
Anyone worked with an EMR selection service/consultant that gave decent options and objective advice?
ASKED: March 24, 2010  5:43 PM
UPDATED: March 31, 2010  2:02 pm

Answer Wiki:
I recommend that you talk to your colleagues and peers in the industry. EMR systems range from small scale systems suitable in price point and feature set for the small practice with a handful of providers all the way to the very large enterprise systems covering thousands of beds and physicians. Pick a vendor that can meet your specific needs and leaves flexibility for future growth. References from your peers will help you narrow the field down. Look not only for features and functionality, but also for the vendors reputation for providing on going support and assistance with the implementation. Ensure that work flows are flexible enough so that they support your clinical habits - too often, software systems dictate how you work and not the other way around. Depending on your organization's size and budget, a third party consulting partner can help you along with the vendor selection and the implementation. Based on their own experience, many of them have preferences for certain vendors, so beware that you're getting independent advice. Select a trusted partner in the consultant as well as the vendor. I used to work for one EMR vendor who played wedding music over the PA whenever a new customer signed up. It was a fun thing and demonstrated that the vendor and the customer were aware that they were engaging in a long term bond that would be difficult to undo. So, pick your EMR partner with the same diligence like you would pick a spouse.
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