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 EMR ROI for a Private Practice: variables/factors
What is the estimated ROI for a single provider practice minus the Medicare/Medicaid incentives. Does it vary by the vendor? What are other variables?

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ASKED: September 21, 2011  4:01 PM
UPDATED: November 4, 2011  8:53 pm

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ROI for EHR systems can be vendor specific, feature specific, and user specific. For example, the cost of the system is vendor specific. Hence, the higher the prices, the lower the ROI, is always a possibility. Feature specific example is ePrescribe. ePre does reduce cost of faxes and saves lots of time by reducing phone calls to and from the pharmacy....but what is that cost? If your practice does a heavy amount of faxing, and gets lots of pharmacy calls, then the ROI is improved. But what if you are prescribing alot of controlled substances, and your State prohibits ePre for controlled substances? Well, your ROI is not as good. Lastly, it can depend on the user! What if some practices/users do not use the system to its full capacity? Again, then the ROI will not be as great!
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I agree with AllinHIT. There are many variables that will change ROI. Features vary from system to system. Using the EHR to its full capacity will have great advantages. This usually has a direct correlation to staff and physician training.

I have a ROI calculator that you can download.

Hope this helps!

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