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 EHR workflow assessments
terms of making changes to established workflows to satisfy EHR software regulations, what has been the best route to take to assess end user acceptance? How did you secure their nod and support? Map out inpatient workflows, prior to selecting an EHR, and then put forth efforts to update it as implemented? Any advice is much appreciated
ASKED: September 13, 2011  5:54 PM
UPDATED: October 24, 2011  6:21 pm

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We have covered this topic a little bit on As you noted, <a href="">workflow analysis should precede EHR implementation</a>. This way you can map out exactly how a paper record moves through your organization and do your best to find an EHR system that most closely matches that clinical workflow. Doing so will help <a href="">encourage EHR use</a>, since physicians and nurses will see that disruptions to the workflow have been minimized and that electronic records are not, in fact, harder to use than paper records. In addition, don't forget to assess the computer competency of the EHR systems' end users. This will help you understand the level of training that will be necessary and determine if an investment in <a href="">speech recognition technology</a> would be worthwhile if, say, the majority of your staff is not used to typing and editing notes.
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Ask for feedback from the physicians and support staff, take it seriously, and make an effort to implement any recommendations. If something cannot be changed you need to clearly explain the reason why it cannot be changed to the users. If significant changes need to be made to their current workflow to accommodate the EHR, you need to be able to clearly explain the reason for the change to the users. You would be surprised how quickly a group of people can suddenly band together and rally against something because they don’t understand it. Applying some principles of human computer interaction to your project will also be beneficial. It is also very important to understand the users. Task mapping will help with this process. It enables you to see what kind of tools users work with and what the actual process is that they follow to accomplish a task. Here is a link to a paper written by some students at UNC Chapel Hill, it explains some of the methods that you can apply.

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