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 DICOM standard for PACS
In regards to PACS and the DICOM standard, what are the key aspects my hospital must consider to ensure compliance?
ASKED: March 24, 2010  4:53 PM
UPDATED: June 10, 2010  10:34 am

Answer Wiki:
Perhaps one of the most important aspects is to make sure that your PACS vendor and modality vendors can provide DICOM Conformance Statements. These are documents that identify specifically what each vendor supports with respect to the standard. They enable vendors to determine if another vendor's support is compatible with their own, and help in resolving differences. Standard brings simplification to the complex situation.DICOM standard too do the same thing.It helps to integrate the modalities from different vendors with the PACS.Infact it is the corner stone of the PACS.DICOM not only is used for integration with modalities but also provides facilites that improves workflow,efficiency and productivity.It is not sufficient to just seek commitment from vendor while buying Imaging device or PACS about just the "DICOM conformance".One should specify while seeking modality or PACS all the primary DICOM classes such as DICOM store,storage commitment,MWL,MPPS,presentation storage class etc for either role of SCU and SCP or both.This can be found in the DICOM confirmance statement of the product but categorically commitment should be taken from the vendor about supplying and activating the classes. Customer should stress vendor to suggest if anything is being stored in non dicom or proprietory manner.Many vendor stores annotations and overlays in propreitory manner which causes issues later and during operation involving workstations from different vendor.
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