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 Data Warehouse Acceptance For Meaningful Use Criteria (Hospitals & Providers)
My question is what is anyone's research and contacts telling you regarding whether Data Warehouses (DW) will be allowed for achieving Meaningful Use (MU) compliance? If you do research through the IFR, the NPRM, any and all documents from the ONC standards and policy committees and sub-committees, you will not find the words "Data Warehouse" anywhere. While CMS/ONC is being careful to be vendor/method agnostic to compliance, data warehouse technology is gaining foothold and they are relied on to do things that legacy production EHR/EMR environments cannot accomplish.  It seems to me that CMS/HHS is not addressing this as it may lead to an unlevel playing field for those health systems that do not have data warehouses but legacy EHR/EMR platforms and there are significant security issues with PHI outside the EMR/EHR environment. In addition, if the DW were allowed for MU compliance criteria, then I would think it would have to be subjected to the NIST testing criteria which in my estimation would be a nightmare for NIST and the testing bodies to administer and again potentially lead to "unlevel playing fields" and other issues.  Any insight and developments here would be appreciated

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ASKED: May 27, 2010  9:12 PM
UPDATED: June 1, 2010  5:03 pm

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