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 Data migration- minimize transition time and strategic best practices?
What are the potential costs associated wtih data migration and the transition period? Strategic tips and best practices?
ASKED: February 27, 2010  7:56 PM
UPDATED: July 5, 2010  3:11 am

Answer Wiki:
The potential costs (?). Number of concurrent users. The size of data to migrate. Disaster recovery procedures - when something fails, not if. Describe your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - elapse times, maintenance. Daily backups. Capacity and performance of Storage Area Network (SAN) components. Server redundancy (i.e. HACMP, Clustering). Server hardware performance and capacity. Network performance and capacity. HIPAA compliant enterprise network security policy. Continuous training curriculum (technical infrastructure staff, technical applications staff, end-users). Vendor contract deliverable management strategy. Take the above paragraph and parse out each sentence. The first step is answering in full detail each of these topics - as much as you can. Hand them to your vendor(s) for request for bid. They'll fill in the missing parts - remember you own this not them. Hire an internal or external resource that has your back (your advocate) - enterprise network architect. Last advice - Ownership, ownership, ownership. Don't take anything for granted, at least double check vendor responses. This is your fault, don't forget that. Did I forget to mention anything about medical jzr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In any data migration case, the first item I would establish is where we are migrating the data to. Off site Hosted data center, or just the building next door. Then, we would identify all the system requirements, from third party licenses, storage needs, network configuration and possibly interfaces and integrations. It would be very hard to pin point the costs as some systems are very easy to migration. Take NextGen, GE, or AllScripts all you need is a terminal service and a sql database with a reporting server and then you are ready to go. Of-course as the post above mentioned, there might me additional concerns (where you are migrating to), from HIPAA to DRP/ BCP. But of-course if you had Medical Manager or CPSI then that would be a very different story due to the infrastructure requiring some AIX or Unix engineers involved. Transition period would also depend on the system you are migrating. For some of the examples listed above, if you have a virtual environment then you may be able to migrate the entire system *NextGen/ AllScript/ GE / PMSI and few others in a single day (given that the data is being transferred within the same network. But if you have to transfer it over WAN or VPN then this would increase the transition time.
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