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 CMS Proprietary Healthcare Web Browser
Why can't CMS sponsor the development of a proprietary Healthcare Web Browser for the exclusive use of providers, services (Rx, imaging, testing, etc.) and payers with secure user name and location identifiers with every connection? A thin-client install on every user platform could enable exclusive access in and out of a CMS ran "cloud." Every provider, helathcare service and private/gvt. payer would HAVE to route ALL messages for orders, claims, responses, etc. in/out of this secure cloud. An XML exchange through the proprietary browser could provide common message standards for movement in/out of every vendors electronic patient medical record system.

Software/Hardware used:
New proprietary Web browser through the existing Internet system
ASKED: September 21, 2011  2:36 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  8:09 pm

Answer Wiki:
Hey Philip, I do see the value in having one "web client" for CMS to ensure secure communication as well as standardized user interface. However, the short answer here to why CMS may not be in the position to sponsor a project like that is simply Cost. It will take a lot of development dollars to develop the client itself and the plug-ins needed to make some of the data viewable. You also have to consider that they will need to develop this for Apple products, Windows OS, Linux, mobile devices and other operating system BeOS. Once they develop it, then they will need to have the infrastructure to support it which will make CMS be in the business of IT (supporting installation and ongoing troubleshooting is errors and such from such a product). The good news is that CMS receives all claim data electronically from almost all participating physicians in the nation. There are of-course still the claims that go through the state Medicaid, but CMS is moving forward with establishing a national health information exchange NHIN to allow for patient health information exchange and registries where the data is in fact exchanging using (CCD/CCR) XML.
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