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 CMS and lack of standards
We are a software vendor. Most of our home care customers will be required to start submitting a list of clients served every month to a survey vendor, who will do a mail or phone questionnaire to a random sample of the clients using a “satisfaction” survey created by CMS. So far so good. About 40 survey vendors in the [st1:place w:st="on">[st1:country-region w:st="on">US[/st1:country-region][/st1:place] have been approved to do this work. They have taken a somewhat vague CMS spec for data to be submitted by home health agencies, and each of them has developed their own file spec for the report we have to build.

What steps need to be taken to make sure when new requirements come out regarding EHRs, that there is consensus and agreement about the file format requirements?

ASKED: May 11, 2010  2:54 PM
UPDATED: May 19, 2010  6:46 pm

Answer Wiki:
I'm not quite sure what your question is. CMS will determine what the file format requirements are to submit data to them electronically. You say that 40 survey vendors are "approved" to do this work. Are the vendors approved by CMS or by your company? Meeting all the new requirements will be a factor that the survey vendors will have to meet to gain future "approval" status. If companies want to stay in business, they will have to conform to the government's everchanging requirements. If this did not answer your question, please reply with a more detailed question. I hope this helped.
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