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 Citrix and healthcare security
When running Citrix Receiver is there a way to be HIPAA-compliant so that your data is encrypted or not accessible by outsiders when viewing it via Citrix Receiver without a secure vpn connection (ie SSL encrypted).


Software/Hardware used:
Citrix Receiver
ASKED: August 23, 2010  1:20 PM
UPDATED: December 18, 2018  3:11 pm

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In most cases Citrix Receiver as well as Microsoft RDP are "secure" compared to many other products such as VNC. It would be ideal to actually use the CITRIX Gateway to ensure that the connection is in fact encrypted.
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When you say Citrix Gateway, do you mean the thick-client VPN? I am using an iPad. I want to find out if there is a secure way to connect via Citrix Receiver with a secure encrypted connection without installing a thick client vpn because the CAG VPN cannot be installed on the iPad and be running while anything else is running.



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Nobody would recommend that you configure Citrix Receiver for use over a public network without first encrypting it. There are several options. A full blown SSL VPN can obviously do the trick. With the Citrix architecture, you can use the Access Gateway or Citrix Secure Gateway features to do encryption of the HDX protocol. Neither one require a VPN client on the device – the proper configuration is embedded into the Citrix Receiver. It’s pretty slick 🙂
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