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 Can smart devices save lives
As we continue to see the important role of smart devices in every day's life. Would these devices become a critical component of protecting and saving our life? Can a smartphone be smart enough to recognize a patient is in distress and communicate its location and patient state to EMS?
ASKED: January 3, 2011  4:29 AM
UPDATED: January 11, 2011  7:51 pm

Answer Wiki:
Well, I suppose it depends on how smart devices get. This smartphone is said to have saved a life, and that was no more than a month ago. The availability of the device made it easy for a person to solve the problem. As far as distress in patients, I'm sure that by identifying first whether or not someone is at risk, and then combining it with a number of factors like quick movement of the gyroscope, location to determine whether the person is in a building or not, and a heart monitor, you might be able to tell if a person fell or was having a heart attack. As long as Moore's law holds true (and it has for a long time), our smart phones will become more and more sophisticated while being able to stay small. It's just a matter of time.
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