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 Application interface strategy

We are in the process of maintaining our current portolio of legacy applicatins while we move ahead with implementation of Epic as our primary HIS.  What is the most recommended application & data interface strategy to ensure the key & critical legacy applications are successfully interfaced back to Epic/HIS?

thank you.

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ASKED: May 13, 2011  5:26 AM
UPDATED: April 11, 2018  11:21 am

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The best approach would be to review what data your HIS team will be looking at transferring into the EPIC system. Identify whether you will be needing the x-rays, MRIs, Scanned documents, Lab results, scanned labs, etc. Once you review that, then I identify which ones you can migrate over or interface (completing the Epic Bridges training will be a huge help at this stage). Any how, May assignment geek writing service websites helpful for the students and other people who have interested in research. What are the applications of interface strategy? There are many people who are not even aware of this term. So try to make them understand about the features and other applications of it. Update the details of the topic here. canon printer repair
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Is your concern the interfacing of these legacy applications to Epic or is it the ability to import data from your existing HIS to Epic? If integration is your concern then I would document your existing messages to and from your current HIS to the other legacy systems.

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We have had experience migrating several legacy application historical data into EPIC, and it really is a customized scenario depending upon the legacy system. One possible strategy is to load 1-2 years worth of clinical information into EPIC, and maintain the prior data in a “legacy portal” while turning off the legacy system (and saving on licensing fees).
The portal can be implemented in a modern supported platform, and meets records retention requirements.

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