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 ACOs and Business Intelligence
Our facility is planning to become an ACO in the next 2-3 years, and is currently evaluating options for different Business Intelligence (B)I and data analytics tools. Solutions that can track and compile the EHR data we need to then contract with payers, establish partnerships, etc. What are some the best options on the market in terms of BI tools? What should a hospital should be looking for? Thanks!

ASKED: November 10, 2011  7:53 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  7:52 pm

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After a thorough review and analysis of all activities related to the growth of your organization, HealthCursor prescribes a comprehensive and fully customized wellness plan to achieve optimum performance.The scope of Telecom as well as technology to disseminate valuable and personalized Health information is now evolving. Better practices are expected to rely heavily on telecommunications services. The new buzz is Mobile Health; in simple words it means access to valuable information and consultation for preventive and post treatment advice targeted at doctors and end users. The idea is to use telecom as a backbone tool to leverage the current brick and mortar model of Healthcare delivery across the country.Immunization for children and pregnant women, antenatal care, surveillance of selected diseases and family planning services constitute the key focus of the primary healthcare system provided for rural India. Today, 90% of operator’s revenues come from Voice and Rentals. Of the balance 10%, about half comes from Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS. So, VAS accounts for only about 5% of revenue. Operators have primarily focused on voice. I see a new breed of companies emerging who will create direct-to-consumer services and focus exclusively on VAS. They will have multiple revenue streams – not just from subscribers, but also from advertisers and businesses. 3G will be a big enabler for richer services, and can actually drive higher ARPUs (Average Revenue Per User). Consumer will sit at the locus, and Healthcare services will become more consumer oriented, consumer driven and on demand.
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