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Travel with AliveCor
Can the AliveCor go through an airport xray?

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  11:27 pm
airport xray
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Suppose the electronic record design team decides to tailor computer screen views to end user needs.
Suppose the electronic record design team decides to tailor computer screen views to end user needs. This would allow end users to view only the minimum necessary information they need to perform their job. What questions should the design team ask? Where can they find guidance for their screen design project?

Answer Question   |  March 13, 2018  7:32 pm
Suppose the electronic record design team decides to tailor computer screen views to end user needs. This would allow end users to view only the minimum necessary information they need to perform thei
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Shredding scanned documents
After paper medical records are scanned into our system we shred the paper. For ex., patient fills out paperwork on initial visit and afterwards that is scanned into our system. Do we need to maintain a log of this as we would if destroying the medical record? Every piece of paper with any patient info...

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  7:32 pm
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VNA/ventor neutral archive implementation
Hi everyone — Just wondering if anyone out there has recent experience installing (or even deliberating) a new vendor neutral archive. If so, could I talk with you briefly for an upcoming TechTarget article? Thanks…Scott

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  7:31 pm
vendor neutral archive
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sample intervention statements
Looking for intervention statements for MU stage 2.

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  5:36 pm
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Looking for assistance on EHR system evaluation
Looking for unbiased advice for EHR system comparison and evaluation. Where is the best source for this information? Links to helpful articles and assessments?

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  4:20 pm
EHR adoption
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When is insurance PHI online restricted by HIPAA?
When is insurance online UI restricted by HIPAA? Trying to determine what is and what is not allowed to be posted to a healthcare insurance online account. The subscriber wants to see all family members claims in one account.

Answer Question   |  December 4, 2018  4:19 pm
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ICD-10: Good or bad?
Will ICD-10 conversion REALLY benefit doctors and improve quality of care, or are the hyper-detailed code sets going to create more problems than solutions?

Answer Question   |  September 20, 2018  7:04 pm
ICD-10 conversion
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Price comparison right for health care?
Should consumers be able to compare prices in healthcare, like they can in almost any other market?

Answer Question   |  August 20, 2018  7:52 pm
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CMS and future of reimbursements
Will CMS continue to reduce reimbursements for specialists, who comprise two-thirds of the 550,000 physicians who bill Medicare?

Answer Question   |  May 28, 2018  8:25 pm
CMS, reimbursement, specialist
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EHR security
What other technologies besides EHRs have government mandated security regulations?

Answer Question   |  October 11, 2018  8:00 pm
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Looking for advice on EHR
Looking for advice on EHR system suggestions. Anyone have advice on ease of implementation?

Answer Question   |  January 8, 2018  1:25 am
EHR implementation
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What are some good things embedded in the new ICD-10 standards? Doctors complain of complex coding that will suck up resources, but how will docs benefit from the new standards?

Answer Question   |  July 24, 2018  7:15 pm
ICD-10 transition
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How should providers decide if and which telemedicine services would benefit their organization?

Answer Question   |  September 26, 2018  8:15 pm
telehealth services, telemedicine
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Physicians and endorsements
Should physician societies endorse & approve mHealth apps?

Answer Question   |  May 15, 2018  4:45 pm
mhealth, mhealth apps
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CDS systems
Do hospitals/providers NEED CDS systems? Is there anything in the MU core that requires it?

Answer Question   |  August 10, 2018  8:33 pm
CDS, ehr, Meaningful use
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Training and Developing Today’s Health Care IT workers
Healthcare IT seems to becoming a very specialized field of IT study. What is being done to train and develop the healthcare IT worker so they are prepared to address the tools – specialized and IT system linked tools, mobility devices, and the governance/risk/compliance aspects – particularly with HIPAA and other privacy issues?

Answer Question   |  September 19, 2016  6:42 pm
Analytics, HIPAA, Mobility, workforce development
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Has anyone connected the XDS.b protocol thru a Interface Engine?
We are beginning to Integrate multiple EMRs with our HIE which uses the XDS.b protocol to transfer CCDs. I’m thinking we will need to the ability to modify these CCDs as they travel between systems. One particular point of concern is the HTML embedded in the CCD will certainly need tweaking for differnt systems, not...

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2018  6:40 pm
CCD, ehr, EMR, HIE, HIE XDS.b Interface Engine EMR
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Correctional Health: EHR In State Prisons
I am wondering about the possibility of requiring state prisons systems to implement EHRs that would be interoperable enough so that when offenders are released back into the community their health information would be accessible by their community physician(s). I know that there are many variables such as SES, family support systems, etc., that might...

Answer Question   |  October 18, 2018  2:03 pm
ehr, EHR systems, Hardware and software, Health information exchange, health IT, Interoperability and health information exchange
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Paying for transfer records from one Dr to another Dr
Is it legal in California to charge a patient to transfer records from one Dr. to another? We live in Oregon and they told me our past Californian Dr. cannot charge me to transfer our records to our new Dr. here in Oregon. So – patients can be charged to pick up records, but not...

Answer Question   |  June 12, 2016  2:00 pm
dont know what this is
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