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Data Security for HIPAA Compliance:


June 25, 2010  5:20 PM

Out of band content on your network can contain phi that is not encrypted

Posted by: Azaltsman
electronic transcription, encryption, excel, microsoft word, powerpoint

So you're wondering what does "out of band" mean? In the world of computer networks we use that term to describe ways of connecting to devices outside of a computer network. For example, network routers are often programmed using Telnet or SSH, which is considered "in band" because those protocols...

June 25, 2010  3:27 PM

Do your backup tapes hold PHI that is not encrypted?

Posted by: Azaltsman
aes, backup tapes, data breach, des, disaster recovery, disk to disk backup, encryption, HIPAA, pgp, phi, symantec

Most organizations today use tapes as target media for data backup software. Although disk to disk and offsite backup technology has been around for many years companies continue to use backup tapes as their means for data and disaster recovery. A backup tape is a highly portable medium has the...

June 18, 2010  2:30 PM

Is PHI leaving your network and putting you at HIPAA and HITECH compliance risk?

Posted by: Azaltsman
data leakage prevention, DLP, encryption, hitech act

Electronic protected health information (PHI) lives on your network in many places: file shares, e-mail systems, databases, proprietary EHR, and practice management applications to name a few. It's important to understand where this data is stored on your network so that you can properly secure it....

May 17, 2010  9:12 PM

EHR Certification Criteria Correlation to HIPAA Security Rule – NIST Conference Part 3

Posted by: Azaltsman
access control, audit, authentication, ehr, encryption, HIPAA Security Rule, integrity, Meaningful use, NIST

Covered entities seeking to obtain reimbursement funds for implementing an electronic health records (EHR) system must choose a product that has been certified to comply with "

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May 17, 2010  9:00 AM

White House is serious about data and PHI security – NIST Conference Part 2

Posted by: Azaltsman
cyber security, deterrence, encryption, howard schmidt, phi, privacy, private partnerships, resilience, white house

Howard Schmidt, the newly-appointed White House cyber security coordinator, gave a fantastic...

May 3, 2010  1:23 PM

Meaningful Use to Require Doctors Provide Records to Patients within 96 hours

Posted by: Azaltsman
encryption, Meaningful use, patient records, phi

According to meaningful use [of EHR] guidelines patients must be provided with their health...

May 3, 2010  12:35 PM

U.S. leads in highest cost of data breach, study shows

Posted by: Azaltsman
breach notification, data breach, encryption, phi, ponemon study

A recent study suggests that the United States leads the world in the highest cost of data breaches. The study focused...

April 28, 2010  11:29 PM

Role of Security and Privacy in Meaningful Use

Posted by: Azaltsman
arra, certified ehr, data security, ehr, encryption, HIPAA, Meaningful use, phi

Providers seeking to prove meaningful use must take into consideration security and privacy of collected data. The term "meaningful use" is applicable to covered entities who chose to participate in the¬†   Bookmark and Share     Comments are off for this post.     RSS Feed     Email a friend

April 28, 2010  10:59 PM

Disk encryption is not the panacea for compliance

Posted by: Azaltsman
arra 13402, data at rest, data in motion, data in use, encryption, file encryption, full disk encryption, HIPAA, hitech act encryption, phi, whole disk encryption

We hear many news stories about stolen laptops and hard drives. The knee-jerk reaction is to purchase whole disk encryption products (there are many out there) to sleep better at night. There is no question that whole disk encryption should be a part of your data security arsenal. However, don't...

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