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Co-creating Value in Healthcare with Interoperability

Jul 26 2010   4:39AM GMT

Creating Value at Imaging Centers through Interoperability:

Posted by: Nirpath

Using technology to improve productivity and using standards for interoperability can help an imaging center to improve the service delivery.

This creates enormous opportunity for the imaging center to reuse the technology and with internal and external workflow changes, can help more customers at the same time at reduced cost, making progress towards the realization of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) with increased profit.

In the past, radiology workflow has been dictated by its applications and manual processes were developed as suitable to the old working style and limited technology. Today, the outsourcing culture, better technology has forced the entities to become competitive using technology and exploring optimal workflow models.

The imaging centers today can automate the information exchange with referring physicians electronically through interfaces from system applications or EMRs. Through HL7 interfaces, patient demographics and order information can be sent directly to RIS. When the results are ready, the RIS can send the report directly to the physician’s EMR establishing a smooth 2 way asynchronous communication, eliminating routine manual efforts.

Apart from the above integration, the workflow at RIS can be made filmless using PACS solution. The PACS solution in-turn integrates multiple applications and helps radiologists and clinicians to interact with different people with ease looking at the images and supporting documents displayed right at their finger-tips without juggling through heap of papers.

Another business process that can be automated is the billing and coding process. The entire manual billing process can be reduced to a few manual steps of reviewing of irregular records automating the complicated coding, querying process with payors. This will reward the company with decreased reimbursement cycle, increased accuracy and increased customer satisfaction.

The positive impact of the use of advanced technology and automation of manual business processes by workflow automation are far reaching, few of them being:
 – Improving the delivery of care many fold
 – Increasing productivity
 – Greater patient satisfaction
 – Adapt to expanding referral community
 – Increased volume of business
 – Facilitating integration with EHRs

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