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May 14 2011   8:58AM GMT

Toronto’s “Bant” app, a special teen mHealth product

Posted by: AllinHIT

Once in awhile you see a product that is just so cool, you want to share it with those who can benefit.  Such was the case when Joseph Cafazzo, senior director of eHealth innovation at the University of Toronto, gave a presentation on their mHealth app for diabetic teens.  This app, called Bant, can be used with an iPhone and Blackberry, and is one of the first where a glucometer connects to a phone and uploads PHI (Cafazzo notes that this took a lot of work with Apple).  Bant is also the first mobile app for teens that has a social media aspect to it offering blogs and forums where teens can share their experiences.  Lastly there is a reward system giving iTunes credits for using it to monitor glucose, weight and other things based on their care plan (yes, this is bribing them to use the application, and it works!).
A famous couple, Ray & Shannon Allen, who I happen to personally know, are national spokespersons for Juvenile Diabetes, as their son, Walker has Type 1. Ray’s mother, Flo, also works tirelessly raising money and educating herself on this chronic disease.  She brings attention to it each year by running the Boston marathon on Walkers behalf.  Hence, when I saw this application, I thought of my friends and the thousands of kids that need these tools through-out their lives.  Although Walker , is not quite a teen, I hope this app, and many more, are available for him when he is.  

I look forward to sharing this information with Ray, Shannon, and Flo.  Maybe, their fame can “spread the word”, giving more kids a management tool for this life-long disease.  Hear about it in this ATA press conference coverage (starting at 23:00), then let me know what you think!

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