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May 12 2011   1:50PM GMT

The ATA 2011 Press Conference

Posted by: AllinHIT
ATA 2011, mHealth, telemedicine

I had the pleasure of being invited to the ATA press conference in Tampa, Florida.  It was a collection of touting the power and justification of Telemedicine, listening to the “powers to be” in the industry, and real life stories from those that benefitted.  There were several things that struck me during the conference, and will probably strike you once you see the video below. 

First, ATA President, Dale Alverson has contagious passion for telemedicine and is optimistic about its growth.  At the same time, he understands the challenges, and what it will take to get Telemedicine more widely used in the medical facilities.  Secondly, there are some great human stories reflecting the prowless of Telemedicine in rural america.  Listen to Sandra’s story full of skepticism and irony.  Last, as a Floridian I realized that the Tele-Trauma program at the University of Miami, has grown and is worthy of more support from our community.  I was glad to hear from Dr. Marttos of University of Miami, that the cuts in State funding will have minimal effect on the program, in his opinion.  Dr. Marttos description of their service, to areas like in the Florida Keys, was an eye-opener for me being familiar with the geography.  A car accident taking place in the Florida Keys, resulting in a head injury, poses a real problem to access a neurosurgeon, and his tele-trauma program addresses the problem and saves lives.  Those lives can be my friends, relatives, and even can happen to me, as I’m a frequent visitor to the area. 

Yes, the ATA Press conference did make me think.  I thought about the technology, the challenges, but most of all, I thought about how it gives people access to care, and it saves lives.  Its this latter thought that gives me utopian ideas, like regardless of cost, its something that we all deserve.

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