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August 12, 2011  11:57 AM

Consumer eHealth: A behemoth task, without you!

Posted by: AllinHIT
Clear Channel, Consumer health, Patient engagement, Vendor partnerships

Over a year ago, I blogged about the importance of patient education and its possible effect on increasing physician adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). At the time, I challenged the ONC to develop a patient and consumer health education plan, and I'm elated about their recent...

August 5, 2011  1:48 PM

Clinical decision support systems and HIEs can play a critical role in reducing ER errors

Posted by: AllinHIT
CDS, CDSS, clinical decision support, ED, Emergency department, Emergency room, ER

One hundred twenty four million people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year.  Unfortunately, there are common mistakes of diagnosis, which contributes to the ER department having the highest number of malpractice suits in the hospital.   There is no doubt that implementing HIEs...

July 11, 2011  9:21 AM

Another ” Quest” to address the EHR digital divide!

Posted by: AllinHIT
Digital divide, EHR adoption, Quest Diagnostics

HHS and Quest Diagnostics recently announced that Quest will give away their Care360EHR, an EHR lite product, to physicians serving the minority community in Houston.  This is in response to HHS's challenge to EHR vendors earlier this year to address the "EHR digital divide". As a former...

July 8, 2011  1:33 PM

Main Line Health contributing to adoption of EHRs

Posted by: AllinHIT
EHR adoption, EHR systems, Physician adoption

Main Line Health, an integrated delivery system anchored with four acute care hospitals serving suburban Philadelphia, is doing its part to spur the adoption of EHRs in the community. Despite the relaxation of

July 6, 2011  10:32 AM

Journal’s ePrescribe error prone report, is useless!

Posted by: AllinHIT
electronic prescribing

The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, this week published a report detailing error rates for ePrescribing is the same as manual paper scripts.  This was stunning to ePrescribe advocates, vendors, and users, who thought an 11% error rate for paper scripts will reduce...

July 1, 2011  1:33 AM

Highmark/West Penn deal, a “Quality”partnership?

Posted by: AllinHIT
Health IT, M&A

The month of June ended with Medicare ePrescribing deadlines, Google's announcement they are discontinuing their PHR, and Redspin's 2010 PHI report analyzing security breaches.  Typically, all of these topics would be fodder for blogging.  However, it's the recent deal in Pittsburgh that is the...

June 13, 2011  3:06 PM

A woven HIT story

Posted by: AllinHIT
EHR, EMR, Health information exchange, HIE, PHR, Physician adoption

I have been truly amazed at life's recent events.  I was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, the New England town recently on national news for getting one of the worst tornado's in Massachusetts' history.  This uncommon event that happened in my hometown, in Joplin, Missouri, and...

May 12, 2011  1:50 PM

The ATA 2011 Press Conference

Posted by: AllinHIT
ATA 2011, mHealth, telemedicine

I had the pleasure of being invited to the ATA press conference in Tampa, Florida.  It was a collection of touting the power and justification of Telemedicine, listening to the "powers to be" in the industry, and real life stories from those that benefitted.  There were several things that...

May 11, 2011  1:39 PM

Alaskan Federal Program Answers Telehealth’s Call

Posted by: AllinHIT
ATA 2011, interview, mHealth, Telehealth, video

Alaska could be called a perfect test bed for telehealth and remote monitoring services.  Let's consider the facts; 70% of Alaska can not be accessed by roads, limiting access to care.  The terrain -- complete with glaciers, mountains, and extreme cold -- contributes to the high cost of...

May 2, 2011  11:41 PM

Telehealth and mhealth calling attention to ACOs

Posted by: AllinHIT
ACO's, ATA 2011, mHealth, Telehealth

This week I am attending the American Telemedicine Association's (ATA) annual conference and expo in Tampa, Fl.  I've attended executive roundtable discussions, sat in on sessions detailing successful telehealth pilots, interviewed key stakeholders and saw a few impressive demos of innovative...

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