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All Things HIT:

Disaster recovery

October 31, 2012  11:18 PM

Sandy, sending messages to an empty box?

Posted by: AllinHIT
Disaster recovery, EHR

I love to write, but sometimes words just aren’t enough. Sometimes words don’t capture the emotion, and its emotion that can sometimes change the world. I don’t mean to expose this philosophical thought emanating from my emotional being. However, when there are people in New York, New Jersey,...

October 9, 2012  7:13 AM

Downtime procedures can lift you up!

Posted by: AllinHIT
Disaster recovery, EpicCare, Uncategorized

I developed a disaster recovery plan for a local municipal in Texas while working as an executive consultant with Navigant. I learned about the varying degrees of redundancy and preparations (i.e. infrastructure like switches & point-of-presence (

December 21, 2011  4:37 PM

The health care cloud: Increasing the need for disaster recovery

Posted by: AllinHIT
Disaster planning, Disaster recovery, Servers, Uptime

There is no doubt, and rightfully so, that the topic of cloud computing has been dominating technology infrastructure conversations as of late. We have EHR vendors, who only sold a client-server application, now reformatting their application for the "cloud".  We have physicians that two years...

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