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Aug 21 2010   11:34AM GMT

Selling based on HITECH incentives is the wrong approach!

Posted by: AllinHIT

I had recently had a discussion with some peers on the adoption, or lack thereof, of EHR and other technologies.  Some in the discussion maintained that physicians are reluctant because of a “parent to child” affect.  Basically this means physicians feel the parent (CMS) is telling them (the child) what they must do in their practice, hence there is a natural rebellion to adopt.  

Of course, some of us feel the HITECH incentives, coupled with the CMS requirements for 2015, will be a shining light for increased adoption.  Most of us will agree this will have a huge effect.  However, I believe adoption and the industry as a whole, is better served, by helping physicians understand the real benefits of adopting these technologies.  If the value proposition is that CMS will require an EHR, or that you can get $44,000 to adopt the technology (which is only 20% of the cost), then it’s the wrong approach.  .

Educating on the possible benefits of adopting technology is a better approach.  Increasing office efficiencies, the reduction of billing errors, preventing adverse drug effects and poly-pharmacy, increasing compliance by providing patients with electronic information, and many other benefits are now being overshadowed by HITECH incentives.  After all….which is better for the patient should be the focus?  Is a paper chart better for the patient than an electronic one?  Is a paper script better than an electronic one? Leading discussion points in this direction, the physicians will understand the value of adoption to their practice, and of course, to patients!

Lastly, I don’t think physicians are so petty, that they won’t adopt, because their “parents” say do so.  I think they will eventually do what will increase the quality of care for their patients, and improve office efficiencies. Due to the different needs and comfort levels physician practices have, it’s just a matter of implementing the right applications, in the right practice! 

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