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Oct 31 2012   11:18PM GMT

Sandy, sending messages to an empty box?

Posted by: AllinHIT
Disaster recovery, EHR

I love to write, but sometimes words just aren’t enough. Sometimes words don’t capture the emotion, and its emotion that can sometimes change the world. I don’t mean to expose this philosophical thought emanating from my emotional being. However, when there are people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut without water and food who have lost all of their possessions, and some who have lost their lives, writing this blog seems so trivial. This calamity, also known as “Sandy”, is a natural disaster with no equal, and I believe in the end, will be the most costly. Sandy has sent our society an old message, which we should act upon.

This same message has been delivered to us from other storms, like Irene, Charley, Hugo, and many others. However, it seems the message is being delivered to an empty mailbox. What is this message? The message is disasters will come, and disaster recovery is a must and should be acted upon now if a business is to continue operations. I touched on disaster recovery a little a few weeks ago. I talked a little about disaster recovery, although, it wasn’t really the point of the blog.

Coincidentally, it isn’t with this blog either. What I want to do here is remind physicians that these disasters are a real reason to implement EHRs, in the spirit of those of those who’ve lost everything. Victims of these disasters have lost everything including their medical records, child immunizations, and other pertinent information. Some of these victims will sadly and reluctantly relocate to other areas, cities, and possibly states as a result of this misfortune. The ability to get all of their medical records would be a small comfort at a time when a small comfort is big.

Let us all pray for these victims!

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