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Dec 17 2012   1:21PM GMT

Sandy Hook, the future of health IT, & you

Posted by: AllinHIT
Health IT adoption, Health IT market, Sandy Hook

Like most Americans, I am mourning the tragic deaths of the 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I heard their stories, prayed, and listened to the President’s speech during his visit there.  His words stating “we must change” (meaning the USA must change to prevent these ghastly occurrences) resonated with me. I thought about putting the politics aside and recognizing the need for changing with the times. We all know times have changed with the growth of these catastrophes. The health IT industry and our delivery system also must change.

Changes in the industry are illustrated by the number of the uninsured and the out of control cost of health care. Is health IT the answer? Its importance cannot be understated, though it is not the complete solution. Health IT will be the foundation for delivering better individualized care. The old adage “information is power” is applicable to improving the provided care.  Informatics, health information exchanges (HIEs), and personal health information access for patient emergency and episodic care are perfect examples of information that can be applied to improve care.  I know I’m preaching to the choir and I’m happy our system is already changing. HITECH deserves credit as the driver of health IT adoption and building the foundation to access of health information. The most crucial change agents are people!

I applaud you, the people, as we close another year of EHR implementations, meaningful use attestation, HIE discussions, while simultaneously delivering care to an aging, increasingly obese society. As is often said, “change is hard”, and this can easily apply to changing workflows, documenting notes differently, dashboarding, quality measures, and delivery methods.  However, I see us moving forward with change!  I just hope and pray the same for addressing tragedies like Sandy Hook.

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