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Jun 12 2012   10:33AM GMT

RSNA Image Share Project, a step forward for PHR

Posted by: AllinHIT

I am honored to be a part of a go-live at Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC. Ranked 16th last year, according to U.S. News & Report, Mount Sinai has an excellent reputation on safety, its medical school, most importantly to me, patient-care factors. Hence, it was no surprised I learned the other day, that Mt. Sinai is one of the first hospitals to participate in the “RSNA Image Project. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) image project will give patients access to their images in a cloud environment. This step, could move PHR’s towards acceptability and use, however, PHR’s still have a long ways to go in producing a longitudinal chart.

As a technology consultant for Quest Diagnostics, I participated in the launching of the now abolished, Google Health’s PHR. One of the issues with the product was not having electronic access to enough clinical data, including images. Depending on the patient to upload some clinical data to update the PHR, and not having access to images for the PHR, are obviously two issues related to the short-comings of PHR’s. The RSNA project, in two phases, will allow for patients to first upload the images to a PHR, but in the second phase will allow for the image to be encrypted, and sent to other providers for second opinions, etc. I believe with images, having online access is good enough, but having the ability to send it to others, is a bonus.

What I really like about providing these images is how it can cut cost and its affect on patient care! As David Mendelson, MD FACR and Chief of Clinical Informatics at Mt. Sinai, states “It gives the patient ownership over their records and makes the information more accessible to physicians. Plus it decreases unnecessary radiation exposure that can be caused by physicians ordering duplicate examinations due to records not being easily available.” I couldn’t of said it better myself! My hope is that other hospitals join this effort and move PHR’s a step forward for us all!

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