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Aug 9 2010   9:26PM GMT

REC’s, people and partners will make the difference!

Posted by: AllinHIT

I ended, a previous blog, with this question, is the REC’s being put in a position to fail?   I have been ask this question by many, and I did not want to answer, until I sat down with Florida REC’s, for in-depth discussions.  I did exactly that during the Florida Academy of Family Physicians summer meeting, last week.  

I was honored to get invited to a “REC dinner” held after the second day of the conference.  The dinner was arranged by the Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA), entity responsible for Florida Medicaid, and a partner to the REC’s.  Three out of the four, REC’s were present, and the discussion at the table were ALL THINGS HIT!  Vendor selection, EHR implementation, EHR seminars, REC marketing efforts, partnering with health organizations, and of course Meaningful Use, were some of the topics we discussed.  What was particularly interesting, was a discussion on the myriad of REC models across the country.  We all acknowledged healthcare is local, hence, a model in Maryland, may not work in Florida.  Acknowledging this simple fact, we discussed the various Florida REC models and plans.  After, probing questions on the various models, and getting updates on their latest operational plans, I realized that the REC’s can be successful despite the various models, if they have the right people, partnering with the right organizations. 

This is not to say, that I believe all of the REC awardees, will be as successful as others.  I have serious concerns for those REC’s, birthed within the academic world.  I believe the academic awardees have a challenge of being nimble and quick, in an ever-changing, fluid HIT environment.  Every decision that needs to be made, requires a meeting.  Once that decision is made, it even takes longer to implement it.  Additionally, the academic world, referring back to my first blog on the subject, has not been in a small physicians office for years.  

Despite all of my concerns above, they can be successful, with the right people and partners. Reaching outside of their academic pool of resources, will be crucial to their success.  Having MBA students, with no experience in the physician office, will undermine trust within the physician community, and will shift a heavier burden to their partners.  Its the REC people in the field, and the various partnerships, that will truly make the difference in their success!

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