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Oct 6 2011   7:39AM GMT

Jobs’ innovations, a profound effect on health IT adoption

Posted by: AllinHIT
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I, like millions of others across this world today, am sadden and shaken with the passing of Steve Jobs, a man who literally has changed the world. There are many accomplishments of this “world changing” figure, from the creation of the PC to the launching of iPads, with such products having a true, positive effect on the everyday lives of humans, from the home to the workplace and literally everywhere in between. The way we listen to music, buy music, talk, text, research, and pretty much do anything technology related has been forever changed due to this one man.  And an argument can be made that the industry on which he has had the most effect, besides the PC industry, is health care. 

The iPhone and iPad have had a profound effect on the use of technology in many industries, and health care is certainly no exception.  The iPhone and iPad have made physicians more comfortable with technology (there is definitely a “cool” factor), and has given them ancilliary tools (apps) that lower the cost and increase the quality of care.  Here in Florida, there is a childrens hospital that uses the app Medical Video to explain MRIs and other procedures to children using an interactive game.  The iPad even has an eco-friendliness aspect to it, reducing paper by providing health information electronically, such as medical procedures and textbooks,  and prescription information on a PDR (which also reduces the cost of paper and ink, and saves time).

Most recently, I’ve heard of a physician using the RemoteScan app to scan charts for storing inactive patient information.  The iPad has also been used in the sterile environment of surgery. By using a “frog” skin cover during sterilization, surgeons are able to access information at their fingertips.  The uses and number of apps are seemingly infinite and are continuing to multiply.  Matter of fact, I am very comfortable saying that physicians 50 years from now will benefit from the accomplishments of Steve Jobs and Apple.   

Apple’s famous commericial, and one of Steve’s mantra’s, challenged us to “think different”.  Steve understood that “thinking different” gives one the opportunity to change the world.  Forever touched by this man, I plan on doing exactly that, and I challenge you to do the same. Maybe together, thinking different, we all collectively can effect healthcare delivery, outcomes, and quality.  Like Steve Jobs, I want to give consumers (patients) something they didn’t know they needed, until it’s created. Thanks, Steve, for setting this example and may you rest in peace.

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