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Jul 31 2012   8:50PM GMT

Is the two week deadline for MU Audits fair?

Posted by: AllinHIT

I have been audited before, and I didn’t like it. Besides being frightening , audits mean you have some unexpected, time-taking, tasks ahead. On another hand, if you have systems in place you should feel less frightening and it should require less effort. Either way, do you think two weeks a fair amount of time to develop your proof of adherence?  Evidently, the government does when it comes to proving meaningful use.

CMS’s Medicare audit enforcer, Figloiozzi and Company, has recently sent out letters to some physicians, preparing them for a Meaningful Use audit. Given only two weeks to prove the four requirements of Meaninful Use, EPs and EHs should easily provide with a ATCB certified EHR. For example, requiring proof their EHR is certified, and reporting the core and menu requirements, should be a matter of pulling a report (i.e. dashboard).  However, is a two week deadline enough time for EP’s and EH’s?

I believe this deadline is ridiculous, and puts unecessary burden on the physicians and hospitals. After all, for hospitals a whole committee will have to be formed, which will take a week itself!  What of the small, independent physician?  This group will have to dedicate their resources to this task, taking away valuable time for patient care.

Again, I know with the appropriate EHR, these audits shouldn’t be a problem. Whether its income tax, compliance, and/or MU, when it comes to audits, I do believe 30 days should be the norm. Hence, I’m deeming this two week deadline to be unfair, do you?

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