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Jan 19 2011   11:33PM GMT

HIMSS’s Missed Opportunity!

Posted by: AllinHIT

On February 20th HIMSS 2011will commence where I live and work, Orlando, Florida.  We will attend all types of educational workshops, make the acquaintance of old co-workers and friends, network with new ones, and of course, there will be the nice parties.   Lastly, vendors will show their wares in exuberant booths, hoping they land a big customer.  Not denying the fore-mentioned activities are good thing, but HIMSS will be missing the boat on an opportunity that I’ve been advocating for years, the opportunity to educate local physicians on EHR technologies, Meaningful Use, and other HITECH attributes.  

Of course, a local physician can register to attend the conference for a fee.  Adding to the cost, the physician will also have to take time away from their practice.  This is during a time of lower re-imbursements, uncertainty about their industry (ACO’s, P4P, EHR’s, ICD-10, 2015 deadlines, etc.), and of course, adoption and implementation of technology.  Hence, the value proposition for local, office based, physicians, is a little thin. 

HIMSS should recognize that these physicians have more of a need to attend the conference, then say, you and me.  I have seen/done many EHR demo’s, am constantly educating myself on the fluid, ever-changing world of ALL THINGS HIT, hence I really don’t need as much education, nor do I attend it for those reasons.  So what should HIMSS do for these local physicians…..give them free admission into the conference!!

This will be of benefit to the physicians of course, but it will also give the many EHR vendors an opportunity to showcase their application to local, office-based physicians.  If HIMSS was bold enough to do this, it will increase the value proposition to vendors, give office-based physicians a voice at the conference, and possibly, increase adoption!

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