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Jun 14 2010   8:03AM GMT

Health IT: A Metamorphosis I love!

Posted by: AllinHIT
EHR, HITECH, Meaningful use

Yes I said it…..I love Health IT, and all things related to HIT!  For the past 30 years, I have been involved with all things related to technology, However, its all things in HIT, that has capture my heart, and vigorates my mind!  Hence, I guess to some this sounds a little sadistical.  Why would you love an industry, where adoption of your technology is so low?  Where, your main physician targets, are earning less, but expected to do more  (sound familiar primary doc’s?).  An industry, whereas, your technology disrupts operations, the ROI is questionable, and results are mixed, and there is a mis-trust of getting government Incentives (have you gotten your PQRI or CMS ePrescribe incentive yet?) These challenges, ever-changing requirements, and possible new models of delivery, is what I love about HIT!! 

For the record, as a HIT consultant, sometimes I felt like a preacher, as I am pro HIT adoption.  Now, a new chorus is singing my tune of adoption……the ONC chorus!  Although, I embrace ONC’s efforts to increase adoption, I am very aware of the issues they have created (MU of course is the big one).  Physicians are scared, and I can’t blame them.  MU brings new challenges to adoption, but I continue to ask myself and others…What is best for the patient…a paper or electronic chart?  It is the answer that drives me to educate patients and physicians, address and voice their valid concerns, but ultimately advocating adoption.  The term “metamorphosis”, has a definition which states there is a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change, and the ONC, as a result of HITECH, has done exactly that to HIT. 

So…this blog will not just keep watch of this metamorphosis, but hopefully influence it.  Lets explore topics, such as adoption/implementation, MU, REC’s, Patient-centered Medical Homes, Integration (HIE’s), and ALL Things HIT.  I will tap my industry friends made up of physicians;Hosptial executives; ONC members(Gayle, I will be calling you), EHR and HIT vendors, payors, and last but not least, YOU!  For this inaugural blog and all to come, I officially invite you to read,  constructively respond, teach and learn ALL Things HIT!.

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