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May 11 2011   1:39PM GMT

Alaskan Federal Program Answers Telehealth’s Call

Posted by: AllinHIT
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Alaska could be called a perfect test bed for telehealth and remote monitoring services.  Let’s consider the facts; 70% of Alaska can not be accessed by roads, limiting access to care.  The terrain — complete with glaciers, mountains, and extreme cold — contributes to the high cost of transportation, and limits access to medical specialists. The summer/winter rotation of days and nights,  the cultural diversity and logistics considereations of rural Indian villages, and the most staggering statistic that 70% of the population will die from chronic diseases.  Yes, these are dismal statistics; however, a silver lining does exist, and it does so in the form of the “tele-efforts” of the Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership (AFHCP).

At the recent  2011 ATA conference in Tampa, I had the pleasure meeting David T. Peters, senior program manager of AFHCP’s home telehealth monitoring program.  Our happenstance meeting resulted in the following interview on the partnership, telehealth initiatives, the high delivery cost and sustaining strategies, and the positive medical outcomes from their “tele-efforts”.

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