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Jul 15 2012   11:20AM GMT

A quest to be the best…in go-lives!

Posted by: AllinHIT

I love being a part of Epic go-lives. In the past two months, besides doing my regular duties as an executive with Webmenders, I’ve worked with Intellect Resources on two go-lives.  Although there were vast differences between the two, Mt. Sinai was an inpatient go live, Ochsner, an ambulatory one, there are also similarities. Of course being competent on the software is most crucial to being a valued resource.  However, it is not the “be all” in your quest to be the best go-live consultant.  Here are a few recommendations and points I would like to make.  

First, it is important to be very flexible.  Flexibility is one of the main attributes, besides being competent with the software, of being a valued go-live resource for the client.  Changing workflows, constantly changing go-live schedules, and the changing needs of the hospital system, are just some of the aspects which being flexible comes into play.   

Secondly, you can be competent with the software, but its the ability to understand the learning mode of the physicians you are supporting that can make the difference.  Early in my professional career, I had a manager that told me he was going to manage me, the same as he managed everyone else. Needless to say, I knew immediately that he wasn’t a good manager.  You can not treat everyone the same, and be successful.  The same with assisting physicians with go-lives, every physician is different and you must adjust to those differences.  For example, some physicians do not want you to approach them while they attempting to practice CPOE. Some want to figure it out on their own, and if they need assistance, just within “yelling” distance.  Others, however, want you to hold their hand throughout the process. You can usually distinquish one from the other with body language, input from their nursing staff, and if you are listening, some will even tell you in a roundabout way!  Having excellent communication skills, can sometimes, compensate for your lack of knowledge!

Lastly, understand that you don’t have to know every answer, nor does the client expect it!  However you must “own” every question, from every hospital employee, whether they are pertaining to scheduling, nursing, and/or CPOE! By owning the question, I mean you must be responsible for getting an answer in a timely, proficient manner.  We all have “brain farts”, and its impossible to know every answer to their questions. As most of us know, during go-lives you are asked questions outside of your certifications and credentials.  You may be very competent on CPOE, but know nothing of appointment scheduling, but the scheduler sees you and ask for help.  Again, own the question regardless!  Sometimes a question can pertain to your expertise, but its not a matter of not knowing the answer, but a question of the hospitals chosen workflow, hospital goals, and what interfaces are in place (LIS, RAD, and CVIS).

Here are just a few suggestions on your quest to be the best go live resource!  However, its definitely a good start!                      

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jzr  |   Nov 23, 2012  2:55 PM (GMT)

Excellent information!  There are a whole battery of technical components that include normal, failover and failback scenarios that should be made completely transparent to the end-user communities (interface tech support, admins, docs). The preparation and testing of these components before go-live is paramount to success.  I understand that most of these forums are not technical, so I would contribute to this aspect in some other forum that anyone may be able to suggest.


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