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About Us

The Health IT Exchange is the dedicated networking portal and online community arm of, your free source for news, tips, guides, resources and best practices for health care IT implementation and compliance.

The Health IT Exchange community was created specifically to foster a dialog between industry colleagues and allow health care IT decision makers to ask questions, get answers, collaborate and exchange knowledge with their peers. Whether you are looking for an answer to a health care IT problem that has got you stuck, or feel like lending your expertise to your peers’ questions, the Health IT Exchange allows you to easily find the answer you are looking for and the people in the know.

Visit the IT Answers section to browse the current list of questions, answers and community discussions. You can also read the latest thoughts from health care IT pros like yourself in our IT Blogs section, featuring our Editorial, Community and Member posts.

If you are interested in hosting a blog of your own on the community, you may request one here or contact Alex DelVecchio, assistant site editor, directly at

Be sure to follow @HITExchange and @SearchHealthIT on Twitter and find us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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