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A Physician's Perspective: Meaningful Use of Health Technology

Mar 23 2011   6:58PM GMT

When physicians discuss health information technology

Posted by: DrJosephKim
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It’s always interesting to listen to physicians discussing the topic of health information technology. Some seem to love it, while others hate technology (or they seem to think they hate it when they realize they need technology to survive). On Sermo (a physician-only forum), there are numerous discussions around health IT topics ranging from electronic health records (EHRs) to mobile health and telemedicine. I wanted to give you a sense of what physicians are saying about some of these health IT topics:

iPhone apps – What’s good out there?
Looking for recommendations for medical & non-medical apps. What apps make your life easier?
Authored by an Endocrinology Physician

Billing 101
With EMR, the CPT codes are easy to produce, so why do most doctors pay 5-10% of their hard earned money to billing companies? What is needed to send the CMS 1500 and how do you send the bill to other private insurances?
Authored by a Rheumatology Physician

EMR incentive payments
The new crop of representatives in the US House has declared EMR incentives a target of their budget cutting of non-essential payments. Pundits give this a high probability of passage. If so, does this change your plans for adoption of EMRs?
Authored by a Ophthalmology Physician

Social Media – Part of every medical practice in the future?
Do you believe social networks can advance the profession of medicine itself, inform about the science of medicine, or create understanding about the physician’s role and service to the health of patients?
Authored by a Guest Expert Physician

Are the promised EMR incentives even possible?
The number of US physicians is estimated to be 954,000. Statistics indicate EMR adoption from 20 to 70%. How did they come up with this $65K endowment to each doctor? How can they budget for this…
Authored by a Gastroenterology Physician

These excerpts are all taken from the Sermo Blog.

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